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Yoga classes in Molyvos in Lesvos

Welcome to join drop-in yoga classes if you happen to be visiting Molyvos on this beautiful Greek island of Lesvos. Picturesque Molyvos in Lesvos (or like some say Lesbos), is a real yoga place;

there are several retreat centres and many yoga courses going on all the time.

But - mostly those yoga retreat classes are open only to the students of that course.

So if you would like to have just a few classes in your own schedule, then I can help you ! 


MORNING YOGA classes in summer 2024 are on Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:45-10:00.

  ( if it is very hot we could start 8:30 or even at 8:00)

EVENING YIN YOGA classes are on Mondays and Saturdays 17:00-18:30 (or 17:30-19:00) or even later if you wish.

Classes are taught in English in Eftalou.

PREBOOKING IS ESSENTIAL as I never know how many participants there would be.

You can also book a private yoga class either to yourself or together with friends.

Morning yoga classes include various styles of hatha yoga; as soft and stretching or more dynamic and active as the participants prefer or wish depending of your previous yoga practice. Also I have wide experience treating different pains in the body with yoga therapy.

But note also that no previous experience is needed !

So please do not worry about not being flexible enough or whatever - the class will be custom made for You and regarding your overall health, to relax and lift & lighten your mood.

Late afternoon/early evening YIN YOGA classes are more of an inward journey:

restorative and relaxing, stretching and meditative, going very deep inside you.

Also yin yoga is very healing if you suffer almost any pains.

  You only need comfortable clothes, bare feet and an open mind & heart !  

  I have yoga mats and other yoga props.

Best way to know about the timetables, location and prices is to contact directly to Marjaana :

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